Works In Progress

The sun may be out but I find myself busy getting messy in the studio. You may or may not be aware that the majority of my paintings from over a decade ago where urban landscape paintings, market stall, narrow back lanes, etc. Over the years these were put to the back allowing me to focus on my figurative work but I do enjoy returning to an urban landscape from time to time. It has been three year since my last and I am currently working on scene portraying the streets of Temple Bar in Dublin. Stay tuned for updates on that one.

As well as that several other paintings are being worked on currently including a number of studies that look at my time in isolation during the lockdown. Like a diary during the uncharted territory of the lockdown I took a self portrait photograph each day to document my time throughout this period, this will culminate in a series of small works on canvas and work has now begun on several of these paintings. 

There are things happening also behind the scenes that I will inform you about as and when I can. Until then, you can find me on Instagram for other updates and sneak peak images of new paintings.